I was born on a small plantation. Actually, no, but I hail from Plantation, Florida. (Don't ask me how it's possible to be so pale if I'm from Florida.) Now I live in NYC with my husband our gorgeous daughter, (I might be just a little bit biased). I like puns and my favorite ice cream flavor is Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.



 "Emily Sarah Cohn provides a mercurial Cleopatra, always surprising us with the "infinite variety" of her character."

       -James Armstrong, Armstrong Plays

Pre-pandemic, Emily had just finished a run as Cleopatra in Hudson Warehouse's Antony & Cleopatra! We were featured in Time Out New York and The New York Times!​​

Young Ladies......png

Emily recently participated in Turn To Flesh Productions' staged reading of The Young Ladies of the Class of 1902 of Wesleyan University Present, "As You Like It".